"Cardinal" Spalted birch 9"X10" sold

Cedar Eagle Bowl 3.5"X3.5"/Available at Cazenovia Artisans Gallery /sold

Hand Carved & Painted Cedar Bowl 28" X 9" X 4" ​/

Available-Cazenovia Artisans Gallery

 Photo credit: Laurie Baumbach

Cedar Chickadee Bowl/Cooperstown Art Association "The Art of Wood"/ sold

"Black Bear Bowl" Carved and painted spalted white birch

5 1/2" X 3 1/2 X 3" sold

Chickadee Bowl/Cazenovia Artisans sold

Carved Birch Loon Bowl/available soon..

"Blue Bird Bowl" Cedar 13" X 4" X 5" sold

"Snowy Owl bowl" Cedar/Artist Collection

Photo credit: Russ Hartung

"Chickadee" Carved birch & twig on wood panel 9"X10" 


"Nuthatch" Spalted birch &  birch bark on painted wood panel 9"X10" sold

Loon Motif Cedar Bowl 4"X3"X3.5"

NFS/Artist Collection

"Loon with Chick Vessel "

Cedar 4" X 4" X 9" sold

​​Photo credit: Russ Hartung

Carved Cedar Sculpture/Bowl "Raven"/Cazenovia Artisans

Spalted Birch Owl Sculpture 15.5 " Tall

Available at Cazenovia Artisans

Shawn L Halperin

"Cedar Chickadee bowl"/sold

"Saw-Whet, smallest Owl"

Spalted birch, twig on painted  panel 9"X10" ​/Available-Cazenovia Artisans Gallery